X11 version of x3270 on macOS


I recently tried to install x3270 on macOS using the latest homebrew. Conspicuously absent was the X11 x3270 graphical version of it that I use all the time on Linux (granted, on Linux I install it without using homebrew as it is in most repos for Linux distributions).

Can anyone advise why or what can be done to have the X11 version of x3270 functioning or inclusive to the x3270 that homebrew offers? It would seem rather odd that this is missing, I am sure it must have been an oversight no one has noticed. Why would this be specifically excluded? It seems so 1980s to have just the character based version!



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X11 works unreliably at best on macOS. homebrew-core therefore ships most formula explicitly without the parts that require X11. The best option to have it supported is to maintain your own copy with changes in a tap (https://docs.brew.sh/How-to-Create-and-Maintain-a-Tap).


That is rather discouraging to see firstly that the latest release of X11 for macOS is from 2016 as far as I can tell on the Xquartz website. This just really means that X11 is not going to be a viable choice going forward for macOS and that really diminishes the value of having a Mac if you are someone that does a lot of UNIX and Linux work. Seems like Xquartz is a dead project with no updates forthcoming in 5 years.

I will have to find some other way of having a reliable X11 environment on the Mac then and as well give serious consideration to eventually switching away from a Mac. Perhaps some sort of containerized environment will give me x3270 and the ability to run other X11 packages I need as well. Many times I need to run an X11 application on a remote system and need it rendered and displayed on my Mac, with X11 going down the tubes so too will that functionality. Nothing more to say then that blows and sucks at the same time! :slight_smile: