Why was --with-default-names removed?

(Rich Fromm) #1

I would prefer if the default setup was that installing a tool with brew caused it to “just work” and behave for a user like the same tool on any other GNU system. But even if that’s not the default, at least --with-default-names made it slightly easier to write cross platform scripts between Linux and MacOS.

Why was this removed? It’s breaking assumptions in numerous scripts we’ve written over the years, and overall is making it harder to support multiple dev environments.

So far the only case I’ve heard is that it requires recompilation. Given that the common case is using tools, not installing tools, is that such a big deal?

(Sean Molenaar) #2

It also broke a shitton of scripts from people who wrote their scripts from a specific OS if it were the default. As for options In general, users systems have just proven to be a very unreliable build target and therefore homebrew is moving to a binary system where builds are done by CI rather than the users themselves. This means however that anything that wasn’t tested by CI had to be removed.