Why showing multiplie when typing "brew search adoptopenjdk8"?


When i type brew search adoptopenjdk8 its shows me two versions.

brew search adoptopenjdk8 ==> Casks adoptopenjdk8 ✔ adoptopenjdk8 ✔ adoptopenjdk8-jre adoptopenjdk8-openj9-jre adoptopenjdk8-openj9 adoptopenjdk8-openj9-large

When i type brew tap i get following:

adoptopenjdk/openjdk homebrew/cask homebrew/cask-versions homebrew/core

I have installed adoptopenjdk8 by adoptopenjdk/openjdk tap via this command: brew cask install adoptopenjdk/openjdk/adoptopenjdk8

But why do i get two versions when typing brew search adoptopenjdk8 with green mark ?

Thanks for help!

Because both adoptopenjdk and caskroom provide the adoptopenjdk8 package.

Ok, so thats normal? What is the best way to install then? From caskroom or from adoptopenjdk?

It’s no matter, really. Its just because 2 taps provide the same formula.

Check which one is newer