Why python 3.8 has not been updated yet?

why python 3.8 has not been updated yet? 3.8 in python.org, but 3.7.4 on homebrew


Because you didn’t do it. Homebrew is ran by the community.


@chwq2001 If you’d like to contribute, please come and help us here!

Related question: is there an update policy? Both python 3.7.5 and 3.8.0 have been released.

If I understand correctly, if 3.7.5 isn’t made, you never would be able to pin to that version, right?

Generally pinning things is just begging for problems anyway. But you’re right. Homebrew only ever ships the latest version of software unless there’s a big demand for other versions and they’re still supported. For your case pyenv is probably a better solution.

Yeah, pinning has issues. But can be handy when you want to keep the same version as another OS (I used it to keep me on the same version as Debian. But it was more trouble than it was helpful I remembered).

so how ‘the community’ decides on what is the version of python available in brew?

Who is this community, and can I be part of it? aka upload 3.8 now!

Docs.brew.sh will help you get started. Let me know if you have any issues

Efforts started a month ago and you can follow the process here: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core/pull/45337. There’s still a few breakages caused by Python 3.8 that need fixing before it can be shipped.


Would be nice if you could go ahead with the update and let those projects break. They’ve had over a month, and with Python 3.8 release candidates being available for a long time before release, you could argue they had much longer if they cared.


If you want a progress report: the fix for the last of the known problems should be merged in today at which point we will start building Python 3.8 and every formula which depends on Python (yes, they all need to be rebuilt because Python 3.8 changes install paths etc.). Due to the sheer number of formulae affected, this’ll take multiple days but if no other issues arise then it’ll be good to ship once complete.


Awesome! Thanks for the hard work, I can’t wait to try out the walrus :slight_smile:

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Looks like there’s still some formulas not working?

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