Which brew doesnot return anything

(Geetalisahoo) #1

I have 2 admins in my mac os 10.14…I installed homebrew with one admin aand then I logged as another admin to the mac and I issued the command which brew It did not return anything . But if I go to /usr/local/bin/brew I can see brew is installed by the other admin

(Steve Peters) #2

Do both accounts have /usr/local/bin in the PATH environment variable?

(Geetalisahoo) #3

$ echo $PATH


(Sean Molenaar) #4

That = probably shouldn’t be there and PATH should only contain the directory paths so /usr/local/bin/brew doesn’t help anything.

(Geetalisahoo) #5

Thanx…it is working now…the = was the culprit…Thanx for pointing that out