Where to ask the community for stuff to be ported?

Not sure where to drop this feature request, created an issue on your github site (#7012)

Would love to have Inxi ported to homebrew, if you haven’t heard of it, here’s the link:https://smxi.org/docs/inxi.htm / https://github.com/smxi/inxi - but couldn’t determine a way to ask.

So, my question is, where should we the loyal users post requests for tools we would love to see ported to homebrew?

There is no place for this. Homebrew puts in a lot of work to make it possible for everyone to submit their own packages. You can try and read up on docs.brew.sh to get a feel for what that would take.

I figured, unfortunately I don’t own Inxi or other packages.

So the process is then to convince the software owner, somehow, to port their tool to homebrew?

That in-it-self is a process, that I would love to see documented, if it isn’t already

One of the requirements for homebrew is that the software should be open source so there’s no need to own the software to distribute it.

Truth in that, thanks for the reminder, however I don’t have the immediate dev chops or the time to port packages.

So the process is developer-centric, ok.

Since the software you all accept is open source, most of these developers have a github site, I suppose I just add issues to these repos asking for someone following that package to port it to Homebrew?

So ok, can this be documented?

The process to add software to homebrew is to follow the porting documentation, if you have the skills to do so, or perhaps request the package developer (or their community) to port the package to homebrew, otherwise wait and pray …

Thank you for explaining it, at least I now know the process.

Generally it’s just a matter of copying things from the projects documentation into a formula file. In the end homebrew expects the people who want to use a formula to do the legwork to make sure it’s there.