Where is the right place to ask for new packages?

I have been looking into HomeBrew’s documentation but can’t find any explanations of where one can ask for new packages/formulas:

At this moment there are 33 repositories on the HomeBrew’s GitHub org, and finding the right repository for new package requests is also not practical.

P.S.1. Also as a HomeBrew user and advocate I would like to express my disappointment with some of the behaviors I see from some of the core developers. Questions, suggestions, … receive very impatient responses. Being threatened to be blocked, just because I share my thoughts on a topic. I understand that this is FLOSS and I’m not paying anything to anyone. But we also don’t have to be mean to each other. For example, when I ask that I do not find the right place to ask for new packages/formulas, insisting on reading the documentation, which I have tried, will not help. In my humble opinion, a better response would be to add this in the FAQ section or give a dedicated entry on the formula cookbook. I’m not saying that those core developers are not great or that I do not appreciate their great work. But at the same time, their patience and respect will affect the community. I hope my feedback will be considered.

P.S.2. Although I’m not yet a good programmer to contribute myself, I am a proud Patreon of many other FLOSS developers. Not that it is much, but just to say that I do what I can to support my community.

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It’s in the user section in docs.brew.sh. Searching for “add” in the documentation should have found it for you. It’s not a frequently asked question, or part of writing a formula so your suggestions wouldn’t fit the structure.

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@Foadsf Not sure if this is going to help you but I just wanted to say I understand your concerns and frustration.

I’m sorry if you didn’t feel your request was dealt with respectfully enough. You already made a good point in that you’re aware we don’t owe each other anything so I’m not going to talk about that any further.

At the same time, whenever you deal with maintainers’ replies it may be helpful for you to remember that due to workload, maintainers are often unable to deal with every request like a trained customer support person would. I know Mike personally (the maintainer who replied to you on Twitter) and I can say that he’s an excellent person. The occasional reply may come across as rude, especially to people who haven’t met Mike in person. However, I can vouch for Mike’s tone to be understood as professional and respectful because that’s how it’s meant.

This is not to say your feelings aren’t valid but in the face of an over-full plate and a constant stream of abuse and rudeness coming from entitled users, it’s just impossible to give everyone more than a short, concise reply that helpfully points out possible ways to help yourself better next time.


PS. Thank you for supporting the FOSS community, it’s greatly appreciated!

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Dear @claui ,

Your kind reply is a great demonstration of your professionalism and I have nothing but respect towards you. I did not want to mention any names. And I have zero doubt that all HomeBrew people are amongst greatest human beings. Developing such a great software that I use on daily basis, I owe them a lot and hope one day I can pay back. Hopefully my comment is heard and we can continue to be a helpful and friendly community.


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Dear @SMillerDev ,

Thanks for the reply. Sadly the GitHub pages are down for now:

So I can’t check it now. But in general, the term “package request” is used amongst many other package managers. It would be a nice idea to add this link as foot or side note to some of the pages coming up in the first Google results. It would help the community and would reduce developers’ workload in my humble oppinion.

I’ve never heard the term in 10+ years of linux and macOS usage. But if you think the docs could be better, please make a pull request. https://github.com/Homebrew/brew/tree/master/docs is where the homebrew docs are stored.

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