Where/how to request homebrew/core formula change? (gst-plugins-good))

With the new updates to homebrew getting rid of the options, how are niche changes to the formulas made, specifically when another formula needs it for future versions? I tried to wrap my head around the documentation provided but I couldn’t figure out where to start.

Specifically in gst-plugins-good just adding depends_on "gtk+3" would fix pdfpc formula to have movie support. Adding gstreamer1.0-gtk3 as a core formula would be an equivalent fix.

If it’s a niche change it’s generally better to do it in a tap. homebrew/homebrew-core is basically a set of formula that’s most usefull for all homebrew users, any modifications that wouldn’t benefit the majority of users should be done in a seperate place.

How about adding a variant gst-gtk?

If you think it’s useful for the majority of homebrew users you can propose it.

well it’s part of developing a new version of a formula that is already in the homebrew/core, a “requirement” for the next upcoming patch of pdfpc