Where are the maintainers listed?

(Helmut K. C. Tessarek) #1

I wanted to notify the maintainer of the joplin formula that there’s a new CLI release available.
However, there’s no way to do that.

  • I can’t open a ticket, because it will be closed.
  • I can’t find the maintainer of that formula.
  • I can’t do it myself, because I don’t use brew.

So what is the official process to notify a maintainer that a new release is available and that the formula should be updated?

P.S.: I looked at the formula and I could update the version and calculate the sha256 hash of the new release tar file, but I have no idea what to do with these bottles…

(Steve Peters) #2

I’m guessing that you’ve looked at the following documentation?

It recommends using brew bump-formula-pr, but you can also do it manually by updating the url and sha256 values in github’s web-based file editor if you don’t want to use any command-line tools. I use shasum -a 256 to determine the sha256 value.

(Helmut K. C. Tessarek) #3

Thanks for the info, but I think you didn’t read my post completely.

I can’t do it myself, because I don’t use brew.

This also means I won’t install it. I also said that I know how to create a sha256. But if I didn’t use brew to create the bottles, how would I be able to create a sha256 sum for something I do not have?

Which brings me back to my original question: how do I notify a maintainer that a new release is available

(Steve Peters) #4

You don’t need to worry about the bottle; you just need to update the sha256 for the tarball, like the following commit:

Homebrew has jenkins jobs that run for each pull request to build new bottles.

(Helmut K. C. Tessarek) #5

Ok, thanks. This I can do. However, the PR template actually requires me to run certain tests and the CONTRIBUTING.md also states that I basically have to use brew.

Anyway I try to open a PR. Let’s see what happens.

Still, I would like to know how to contact a maintainer. There might be formulas that are more complicated, which I do not know how to update. Yet, there’s NO way to contact a maintainer. For MacPorts packages maintainers are listed and a Trac ticket can be opened to request an update to a port.

In Brew neither is possible and thus I’m faced with a take it or leave it situation. Kind of strange, don’t you think?

(Sean Molenaar) #6

The maintainers per homebrew part are listed here, which is linked in the readme of homebrew-core as well.

(Helmut K. C. Tessarek) #7

Yes, I saw the name of maintainers in the README.md, but this isn’t very useful. Besides, many of those people do not even have an email listed in their gh profile.

Let me try this again. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my first 3 posts.

I want to contact/notify someone (the best option would be the maintainer) that formula X is outdated and that there’s an update to that software.

Now, I can’t open an issue, because it will be closed w/o comment. I can’t send an email, because I do not know who the maintainer for formula X is. Do you see what I am getting at?

Even, if you don’t want to make this info public, an email system like notify+FORMULA@brew.sh could be used to hide email addresses, yet notify the maintainers. Or a general address that all maintainers will receive. I’m just saying, currently there’s no way to tell someone in your project that a formula needs to be updated (other than randomly picking an email from the list of maintainers and hoping they might be the correct person or that they will forward it to the person who is).

(Steve Peters) #8

Homebrew formulae don’t have specific maintainers; rather there are maintainers for all of homebrew-core. It’s not so hard to make a pull request, and we have the checklist to help the submitter catch errors locally if possible. If you aren’t able to test locally, then just leave those boxes unchecked. If the formula builds successfully, I expect it would be merged even if you didn’t test it locally.

(Helmut K. C. Tessarek) #9

Ok, I think we can close this topic. We are not going anywhere, just in circles.

I’ve also already mentioned that there are formulae where it might be necessaray to do a lot more than just replacing the url and the sha256. Therefore a notication to the maintainers would be useful. But there is NONE (except maybe by trial an error that is).

Anyway, I’m done here. It’s like talking to a wall.

If somebody complains again in another project that brew is having an outdated version I will reference this topic and they shall figure this out themselves.

(Jacob Ledbetter) #10

To sum it up, Homebrew is not maintained by anyone in a professional capacity. It is edited by and for the community, while the major contributors (i.e Mike McQuaid and Commitay) try to help as much as they can. As for the said formula, let the community help, make the PR and mark it as help wanted. That way maintainers and contributors alike can help in editing what you don’t have access to.

(Jacob Ledbetter) #11

Or create an issue so you can have a discussion thread to go back to when you need to update formula again via brew.

(Sean Molenaar) #12

You’re asking for something that brew doesn’t do on purpose. It’s up to the community to keep the software up to date, maintainers are only there to guide the community in doing so. If people are complaining that software isn’t up to date it’d be up to them to try and get a pull request up and building.

The thing you’re asking for simply isn’t the way homebrew works.