Webmin / Usermin

(RockinMex) #1

Hello all together,
I am since quite some time interested to get a nice project done, which with the update to 10.12.5 seems to get even more complicated:

  • Using brew and brew cask in combination with Webmin / Usermin (for easy configuration)

Under 10.6.8 ff. until 10.11.x this was still an easy thing to get accomplished
Until 10.12 the prior installations kept somewhat working, but it showed that ldap and the replication on MySQL were no longer working.
I had in that times a full throttled ldap, bind9, MySQL, ISC-DHCP, free-radius installations running
I started under 10.11.2 with first intents of an HA-Cluster on two Mac-Minies running.
(all on free open-source obviously)

  • Now this project seems to be no longer realizable but I do not see why to give up on that point after 2.5+ years of configuration and running the functional configured parts.

  • I do not have the financial resources to run all that services by AppStore-availabe applications.

  • Installing Mac OS Server or anything like that is far out of reach in costs too.

  • I have still the newest versions of Webmin and brew running under 10.12.5 but the former nicely working couple doesn’t seemed to get divorced. :frowning:

Is there anybody out there who might be able to give some meaningful advice or has even interest in participation to get this realized?


(ylluminate) #2

Personally I’d like to see this as well, BUT I’d like to see it work in conjunction with Server.app for some additional flexibility in configuration and management for some hosting that I perform on a macOS Server.

(RockinMex) #3

yiluminate, great to read your suggestion but
I don’t have the coin to change the MAC minis to work as OS X servers (Server.app) which would be great to have it. So I started the work-around about 20 days ago and there is much likely even a payed outcome if everything gets to work. This will become a steady task for the next couple of month for me. So if you wish to participate just let me know.I would greatly appreciate your support …

(ylluminate) #4

Well, I personally use Server on virtual machine hosts and it works out rather well and can run from Xen or Windows or Linux servers, etc.