Waterfox Project

Spun off from https://redd.it/drain3 and https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-cask/pull/71439#issuecomment-549209654

… if I understand correctly it’s two versions of the same software. Just one has more features than the other? …

Historically (November 2017):

  • Waterfox 56.0 was based on Firefox 56.0.2.

Most recently:

  • Waterfox Classic 2019.10 is the successor to Waterfox Classic 56.2.14, is still essentially 56-based
  • Waterfox Current is based on Gecko 68.

Distinctions between the two will become clearer when the web site is re-done.

In the meantime:

  1. Waterfox Classic (comparable to Firefox 56) supports legacy extensions, plus it has reasonably good support for a broad range of non-legacy extensions that reportedly require Firefox 57
  2. Waterfox Current (comparable to Firefox 68 ESR) supports nearly all extensions for Firefox Quantum, plus XPCOM (Cross-platform Component Object Model) so – for example – some legacy extensions can be modified to work with this application

– there’s more, but most end user questions focus on compatibility so those two points should be good for starters.

The two applications can coexist, and can coexist alongside Mozilla Firefox.

Profiles are separate and (from a beta testing perspective) end users should refrain from using Waterfox Current to open any Waterfox Classic profile that will be reused by Waterfox Classic.

… the main button on the site links to the classic release of the download, not current

An oversight by me. Apologies.

To gain the DOWNLOAD button at the home page, I must boot Windows in a virtual machine:

I’m more familiar with the releases page, where we currently have Waterfox Current below Waterfox Classic – a choice, no default.


PS, whilst I’m limited to two links: