Warning about Command Line Tools?

When i update i get following message:

Warning: A newer Command Line Tools release is available.
Update them from Software Update in System Preferences or run:
  softwareupdate --all --install --force

If that doesn't show you an update run:
  sudo rm -rf /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools
  sudo xcode-select --install

Alternatively, manually download them from:

I am using MacOS Catalina. When i check in System Preferences i dont have any new updates.
WHy do i get this? Should i run the command sudo rm -rf (Library/Developer/CommandLineTools and then sudo xcode-select --install ?

I know i have xcode installed and i use to get updates through System Preferences.

Thank you for help!

Yeah, sometimes apple doesn’t provide this update correctly. Removing and reinstalling would be one way. The manual download is generally my prefered option.

Should i uninstall the previous CommandLineTools by doing this:

If that doesn't show you an update run:
  sudo rm -rf /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools
  sudo xcode-select --install

Or can i just do the manuel way by download and install, but do i need to remove the previous installation first or can I just download and install it and it will overwrite the previous installation ?

Thank you!

If you use the manual update it’s just an update. No need to do anything else then running the installer from Apple

Sorry for asking again. But i see now that i only have CommandLineTools installed, not XCode. XCode is the SDK/IDE for iOS development. But i dont use it. By doing as mentiod above I am going to install the whole XCode package? Can I just update the COmmandLineTools without installing the whole XCode ? Thank you

No, this comment is only about the commandline tools. To reinstall Xcode you can perform the same steps though (although you would need to download an XCode update)

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So i can just manually download this:

Shared with CloudApp

And install that one only?

Its now fixed, i just removed the folder inside Library/Developer/CommandLineTools. Downloaded the COmmand Line Tools for xcode 12 from the website. Now i have updated it and the message noe appear anymore. Thank you for the help @SMillerDev :slight_smile:

Yes, unless you need the full XCode app for some reason.

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