Using torsocks on Sierra

(Francois) #1

It seems to me that I should disable the System Integrity Protection (SIP) to be able to use torsocks within mac OS X Sierra. Am I right ?


(Francois) #2

I had a look at where I read this :
« The issue is most likely that tor is simply not running.
Make sure that tor is installed and started as a background service.
Do you have tor installed? I recommend brew install tor and then brew services start tor. »
So did brew services start tor
Then torsocks works fine ! Do not need to disable SIP :slight_smile:

(Francois) #3

Not at all…
torsocks ssh does not work without disabling SIP


(Francois) #4

Torsocks works by DYLD injection. As of 10.11 this kind of modification will be disallowed by a new feature called “System Integrity Protection”. It is also known as “Rootless”. The feature prevents both modifications to your system files, and to system processes whilst they are running (even if you enter your password for administrator access).

So on a normally configured Mac, torsocks cannot run with binaries in the /usr/* directory.

You can actually turn System Integrity Protection off. To do so, you must reboot into recovery mode (it is not meant as an operation a regular user would do).

From terminal in recovery mode run: csrutil disable;

(Jacob Ledbetter) #5

Normally you should not have to boot into recovery mode just to activate a program. You just need to rebuild the program to work in 10.11 or 10.12.

(Dennis German) #6

This is not a normal activation of a normal program. You DO need to boot into recovery mode, start terminal and
csrutil disable
as passereve Francois said

(Jacob Ledbetter) #7

Ok, it just doesn’t make sense why you need to boot into recovery mode to activate a program that could be activated in a VM without restarting your computer.