Using aws-sdk-s3 gem in formula for fetch

(Alexander Mancevice) #1

I am trying to write my own PresignDownloadStrategy class that can handle my team’s private S3 artifact URLs in formulae. I am running into trouble because I don’t know the proper way to install the aws-sdk-s3 gem into Homebrew’s sandbox environment.

I know there is already an S3DownloadStrategy, but frankly I couldn’t get that to work either. And it depends on a very old version of the AWS SDK, so I was hoping to avoid some headache by just writing my own.

Has anyone had success with this before?

(Mike McQuaid) #2

Check out which is working on related code right now.

(Alexander Mancevice) #3

Thanks, I had seen that but it looks like more progress has been made since I last looked. One question I had is that the code recommends doing something like gem install aws-sdk-s3 --user-install but doesn’t specify where in the file system this should be run.