Unlinked kegs in cellar, could not symlink

(Nikytaylor) #1

Hi, I’m new to using Homebrew and pretty unexperienced with unix. I imagine (hope) this is an easy problem to solve.

I installed Homebrew, but when I run ‘brew doctor’ I get ‘Warning: You have unliked kegs in your Cellar… wget, gcc, etc…’. When I run ‘brew link gcc’ I get the Error ‘Could not symlink, include/c++/8.1.0/usr/local/include/c++ is not writable.’ How do I fix this and get to ‘ready to brew’?

It seems like Homebrew is the easiest way to go about installing/updating these functions. I’m really lost as to what to try next. Thanks for your help, and sorry if this is a simple question or if it’s been asked already in some form I don’t recognize.

(Franklin Yu) #2

Looks like some bug; there should not be a path that contains the string. Try brew update?