Unable to install Homebrew - remote end hung up unexpectedly


I’ve never had issues with Homebrew before and in fact, had it installed on my machine previously both at work and at home for the last couple of years. I started having issues the other day on my home machine, and thought I would do a fresh install of Homebrew, I successfully uninstalled but now when I try to reinstall I cannot. I get the following message after running the install command:

fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
Failed during: git fetch origin master:refs/remotes/origin/master --tags --force

I’ve run the commands below to see what’s happening and it’s not clear to me where the issue lays, I don’t see any errors, it just stops with the fatal message above.

export GIT_TRACE=1

If anyone has experienced this recently and solved it, I would love to hear from you. I am currently on OSX version 10.13.3


Have you tried multiple times?

Yes, of course. Coming to this board was a last resort after trying repeatedly to get it to install, searching Google for answers, trying multiple suggestions from feedback to other users with similar issues on Stack Overflow, and going through the documentation and so on and so forth and other user issues previously brought up on the discussion board.

I just installed it on my Macbook Pro with no problem, so must be a configuration issue or something with my iMac. I’ll have to investigate further I guess, perhaps a configuration issue with git or something perhaps.

Sorry if I was rude @girlg33k ,but sometimes we have newcomers who have no idea how to troubleshoot common issues.

No worries, I get it. I’m just frustrated with it because it’s usually a very simple task as far as setting things up usually goes.

@girlg33k See if you can do a manual git fetch or git clone of GitHub on the same machine. Can we also see your brew update --verbose output? Thanks!

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Just guessing:

Do you have by any chance perlbrew installed? I have regularly problems compiling the updates of wireshark, when perlbrew is activated.


I just wanted to provide an update regarding this issue, just in case someone else comes across the same thing. I’d ended up working from a different machine that had no issues with Homebrew but found myself having to resolve this today, when I found I needed to use Homebrew on my non-work computer.

In my /usr/local/ there were existing Homebrew, Cellar and Caskroom directories from a previous install or attempted install. There was also a git folder. What worked finally was getting rid of that git directory (may have been a previous install that was not configured properly) and then removed the Homebrew, Cellar, and Caskroom folders. I ran the install again and it worked as expected.

Thanks to everyone who previously tried to help out with this issue and my apologies for taking so long to update.

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