Two installation locations [SOLVED]

(Jos N1) #1

I had an old Homebrew installation in OS X located in /usr/local/Library . It wouldn’t update, so I resinstalled it–without first uninstalling the prior installation (I know, I know…). Now, there’s the old installation in that location, and a new install in /usr/local . The directories in each location are different. My question is: Does the new installation depend on the old installation; or can I just delete the Homebrew folder and subfolders from the old location? Mac OS Sierra

(Joshua McKinney) #2

The /usr/local/Library folder is empty on my up to date system. I’m guessing it’s unused. I’d remove the folders, but backup prior if you’re unconvinced.

That said there seems to be a bunch of code and documentation that references this folder. This is likely a bug.

(Jos N1) #3

Helpful info; thanks.

This was my first post here in discourse. It doesn’t look like there’s an “Answered” type of button. If my query is answered and I don’t need to bookmark it, do I just leave the thread as is? Is the “Like” button [heart] sort of an “Answered” indicator?

(Joshua McKinney) #4

You’re welcome.
Maybe retitle the thread SOLVED -... Admins can do it, not sure about non-admins.