Tshark CLI from wireshark

So I have been playing around with the cask version of wireshark as this seems to be the recommended way to install the GUI version on OS X.

The problem is that I want to be able to use tshark from the command line. The recommendation I found (tshark.dev) was to use the ‘brew cask install wireshark’ option to install on OS X. Now, tshark is included in the cask version of wireshark. However, the binary is not automatically found and included in my path upon installation.

I aliased it in my .profile and it seems to work. I am now curious, is this the expected behaviour? If it is, it might be a nice touch to include this information in a caveat/info section for the cask?

All the best

It just installs the package as provided by wireshark. If that installs things in unexpected paths it should be in the project documentation.