Thanks to all the maintainers and contributors!

(Joshua McKinney) #1

Hey, it’s turkey day in the US and I just wanted to publicly thank the group of maintainers and contributors that have made Homebrew and Homebrew cask a key part of keeping a stable and up to date system for millions of users. My biggest thanks goes to @MikeMcQuaid for leading the project, but every other contributor whether big or small should give themselves a pat on the back as well. You guys and gals rock!

(Saša šijak) #2

yes! without brew osx would be much tedious to use.

(John Schank) #3

Agreed. Thanks folks. Happy turkey day

(Carmelo Velardo) #4

Great tool! Thanks for all your effort!

(Camilo Ruiz) #5

Thank you everyone :beers:

(Mike McQuaid) #6

Thanks for all the kind words, folks. These thanks are surprisingly rare and surprisingly motivating. <3

(Jacob Ledbetter) #7

Thanks, Josh! Happy Thanksgiving!

(Duccio Aiazzi) #8

A bit late, but I am joining the thread to add my big thanks!

(Raysar) #9

We love you all ! <3