Terminal Mac Os

Hi there,

I installed Homebrew to use Git on Terminal. After successfully installing Homebrew and git, I have tried a series of basic commands e.g Git tutorial, etc and it has worked fine.

However, when I have tried to add username and e-mail it does not work and I get the error message “command not found” or search for my desk top file, it does not work. I even tried moving my folder from desk top and that did not work.

I appreciate the help if anyone could pass on some advice to help solve.


To help, we’d need to know the following:

  1. What you did (the exact commands you typed)
  2. What you expected to happen (in case [1] would’ve actually solved a different problem)
  3. What did happen (the exact output of [1])

As a general tech-troubleshooting rule, “telling is optional, but showing is mandatory”.