Submitting a new formula with HEAD version only

(Dawid Wróbel) #1

I updated the kismet formula from the legacy brew to accommodate the new version of kismet. Unfortunately, the most recently released beta version fails to compile on macOS ( The error is fixed in the master branch, however.

Can I still submit the formula with HEAD version only? Or should I, for example, take the current HEAD tarball and treat it as a stable release? If so, how do I version this?

(Michka Popoff) #2


Ideally the kismet developers should tag a new stable release.

You can also host a head only-formula in your own tap for the time being (but the formula will be less discoverable by other users).

(Dawid Wróbel) #3

Was considering that but hoped we could workaround on homebrew end. I filed a request for them to tag a new version. Thanks!