Stuck at "Downloading Command Line Tools for Xcode"

hi, It’s been a while since it said “Downloading Command Line Tools for Xcode” is it a large file or am I having a problem? I am using Mac OS Catalina.


nvm I restarted the process and worked fine

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FYI - having the same issue today.
Worked the second time

Having this same issue on Mojave

Mine took a while, I thought it was stuck too, but finally it continued the installation. The problem is that there is no progress indicator while downloading the command line tools for Xcode. Just give it some minutes to complete the download or you can restart the installation process, checking first your Internet connection.

Any chance a progress bar of some sort can be added? On slower internet connections, this can take over a half hour to complete, and only because it wasn’t immediately pressing, I let it finish and finally see it continue.

This is unfortunately an Apple tool so we don’t have any control over it.

I think even a line in there like “this may take a few minutes” would be helpful. It just seems like it’s frozen and there’s no way of telling if it is or not.

Facing same problem at macOS Catalina

Got the solutions. Need to wait few minutes then installation will be start. Please wait around 5-10 minutes

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Just wait for it for as long as it takes…it will eventually come through.