Starcraft install question

Sorry guys to bother, I am new to homebrew and I have been using to install cask and wine on my mac, so far its awesome.

Not sure if this is a homebrew, cask or wine question. I recently installed starcraft, (“brew starcraft”) and it went successfully. But now I try to open, “wine starcraft” and I get this error message.

==> Installing Cask starcraft

To complete the installation of Cask starcraft, you must also

run the installer at:


:beer: starcraft was successfully installed!

Shawns-MacBook-Pro:~ shawnfisher$ wine starcraft

wine: cannot find L"C:\windows\system32\starcraft.exe"

So I am stymied, any help is appreciated!

Best regards…

Did you do what brew cask install starcraft told you?

run the installer at:

THanks for the help!
Did I miss a step? I thought Starcraft installed correctly because of this message;
:beer: starcraft was successfully installed!”
So I thought I could just run it with;
“wine starcraft”

Hi there Sensei Miller et al, I navigated to the directory containing “” and tried to open it with wine. Here is the message I received.

" Shawns-MacBook-Pro:latest shawnfisher$ wine

000f:err:service:process_send_command receiving command result timed out

000f:fixme:service:scmdatabase_autostart_services Auto-start service L"WineBus" failed to start: 1053

wine: cannot find L"Z:\usr\local\caskroom\starcraft\latest\"

Shawns-MacBook-Pro:latest shawnfisher$"

If this is correct to run the setup, any ideas how to fix?

THank you for your help!

I’m not sure if you need to run it with wine. Just do what the installer told you to.