So I'm wondering about adding konwert

(Tomasz Wegrzanowski) #1

I really missed konwert program from Debian/Ubuntu on OSX (it’s vaguely like iconv, except with a bunch of extra features and less fragile).

So I got sources+patches from Ubuntu, applied patches to git repo, added a few own fixes to compile it on OSX, and to reduce compiler warning a bit. I put it all at . There’s no real “upstream” here, its original site is long gone. Now it works with make prefix=/somewhere/ all install.

It would be convenient if I could just make brew install konwert work. How do I continue from where I am now?

(Mike McQuaid) #2

Please consider creating your own tap instead. Thanks!

(Randall Degges) #4

Heyo! I realize this is > 2 years old, but I’d also love to see konwert on brew. Is there any reason why this was suggested to be added as a tap vs a core formula? It’d be awesome to have it available as brew install konwert vs installing a custom tap.

Just my two cents! <3 Ty.

(Mike McQuaid) #5

If it has no “alive” upstream it’ll need one to get included in Homebrew.