Skip errors when using brew install

Hi there,

I am using Homebrew 0.9.5 and I have a file with a list of packages that I want to install. The thing is, some packages are not available as formulaes. So I am running :

brew install $(cat list_of_formulaes.txt)

But it gives me the output (0ad-data-common is one of the packages in the file) :

Error: No available formula for 0ad-data-common 
==> Searching formulae...
==> Searching taps...

And immediately after that, the installation ends.
So I was wondering : is there a way to skip errors while running brew install ?

Homebrew 0.9.5 is very unsupported. Please install something that’s less than two years old. (We only support the last version)

Hi, thanks for your answer.
I am using such an old version because I am using this fork :

But the way it works is quite similar no ?

They’re about as similar as macOS tiger and catalina are. They roughly look the same.

I honestly wouldn’t know any options to make modern homebrew ignore invalid input, let alone tigerbrew.

If you’re lucky you might be able to get to work though, that is a bit more resiliant.

Oh ok I understand :smile:

I’ll try to use homebrew-bundle, thanks again.

Have a great day