Since Homebrew 2.0.0 install params always give invalid option

(Lantrix) #1

I’ve just got an out of the box brand new Mac, and installed brew (2.0.0) and a bunch of installs I used to do now give invalid options.

$ brew install node@8 --without-npm
Error: invalid option: --without-npm


$ brew tap microsoft/mssql-release
Updating Homebrew...
$ brew update
Already up-to-date.
$ brew install --no-sandbox msodbcsql mssql-tools
Error: invalid option: --no-sandbox

( I removed the default help output)

I searched through the changelogs, the code, the issues but I can’t find anyone else mentioning this. Is it just a new 2.0.0 thing (since it was released two days ago) or is it just me?

(Lantrix) #2

Ok I finally found that all options have been removed :thinking:

(Photon) #3

Well, this is really unfortunate. I’m trying to get SVP (SmoothVideo Project) working on my machine, and every single guide out there requires the use of “–with”. How did they not realise this would basically make all current guides out there useless? I’m very much a rookie with homebrew so I had no idea what was wrong until finally coming across this thread via Google.

Is there any easy way of getting options back?

(Sean Molenaar) #4

So, as it turns out homebrew doesn’t exist to keep guides up to date. That’s up to authors.

There won’t be an option to get install options back, since the reason to remove them was the support burden. For your specific case the default install for mpv should be enough. It now includes vapoursynth by default and the app bundle doesn’t seem important in that command.

(Lantrix) #5

Having read the whole thread, the only way to get options back is to make your own Tap and support it yourself.