SHA256 Changes on each git push


I found a similar topic to this but not quite the same thing. I have a .pex file that lives in source control. it eventually ends up here:

The problem is i can’t set a SHA256 value in my .rb file because the SHA seems to change every time I upload to github.

Any suggestions?

That’s a very unusual setup. Usually the software is independent from the formula. Either way you probably want to tag releases and use the tarballs of those as a source.

tag as in git tag ? i see your point about things living independent of the formula. i’ll likely make that change. where are folks storing the code these days? s3? dropbox? i just thought github would be nice since it’s free.

as far tarballs is there a particular reason why? i’m not trying to be sassy; i’m legitimately curious. my .pex is already a compressed file.

That’s a very unusual setup.

thanks? :wink:

@SMillerDev so here’s my problem and where some of my disconnect is happening. I do tag each “release” but it’s part of my python workflow. You can see my tags here:

My issue is the .tar.gz it makes is obviously not an executable file like the .pex file. I wouldn’t begin to know how to bridge that gap between having a python folder structure and then somehow getting homebrew to do all the magic.

I think for now I’ll off load the pex from the homebrew repo and go from there. If you have any suggestions I’m all ears.


I’ve been looking at this but it’s quite a bit to take in; especially the section about installing. Sorry for documenting this on the discussion board but perhaps it’ll help another n00b down the road.

@SMillerDev i honestly cannot believe this worked but it did:

thanks for getting me to think outside the pants world i’ve been living in.

my last point on this topic is that i’m a little surprised it turned into a 15mb program. the pex is only 2mb but I guess i don’t really care.