Self updating casks management


I am a new user on MacOS Catalina and I need some whelp with self updating casks like postman / intellij-idea-ce.

The apps updated themselves and now if I run brew cask outdated --greedy they show up as the old version.

How do I get brew to recognize the new version so it doesn’t show up as and outdated cask ?

How do you guys manage them?

Turn the inApp autoupdater off and let brew handle it via brew cask upgrade --greedy ? or you use brew just to install and let the app update itself from there on?


This is why man brew-cask says in part (emphasis mine):

outdated [--greedy] [--verbose|--quiet] [ token ... ]
Without token arguments, display all the installed Casks that have newer versions available in the tap; otherwise check only the tokens given in the command line. If --greedy is given then also include in the output the Casks having auto_updates true or version :latest. Otherwise they are skipped because there is no reliable way to know when updates are available for them.

That’s why --greedy is an option and not the default: There’s no reliable way to determine if the software in a cask marked auto_updates true has in fact already been auto-updated.

I just don’t use --greedy, and let the software auto-update.

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