Seeking alternatives after options ban


As everyone except for me is well aware - apparently Homebrew has removed options support (which I find to be a strange decision, but hey what do I know about package management).

As such - I’m seeking premade (as in - without having to manually mess with config files and taps or whatever) alternatives for working with options for packages such as ffmpeg and imagemagick among others.

Several discussions link to “Portage Brew”, but seeming as that project is effectively dead - with no discussion or contributions since January - it’s not a viable solution.

Do any solutions exist? Or is moving to a different package manager the only option (ha ha) left?

(On a side-note: so many guides on the internet are broken because of this now - perhaps there should be a small notice when you try to install with options that they have been removed? I know this is late - but it would still help people who are following these old instructions in the future.)

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(Mike McQuaid) #2

Please avoid the snark if you’re asking for advice/help.

The alternatives are all in taps. If they do not meet your standards you’ll need to create your own tap or contribute to then.

For e.g. FFmpeg I haven’t used it but was one of the results for Googling “ffmpeg homebrew tap”. You may have similar success with other software.

This is an option worth invetigating.

There is.

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That was not meant to be a snark, I genuinely don’t know and assume that you take whatever the best decisions are for the project.

There is? I just saw Error: invalid option: when I tried using an option - without anything saying that options have been removed completely and need to be obtained through taps.
(This is on Homebrew 2.1.2 for future reference)

Well - I’ll look into it at some point, I’ll post here if I find anything suitable.

(Ladislas de Toldi) #4

@5nilan the fact that you are bothered by the removal of options shows that you are not the average brew user.

Creating a tap is really easy and should not stop you from copying the formula you want to add options for and doing it yourself.

You don’t even have to add the option to the brew install formula --option but can just hard code them in the args used for install for example.

If you tell us more about the formula you want to use and the options you need, we can guide you through the process.

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(Denis Moskowitz) #5

I’m curious how this was determined. I didn’t know that it was done until it bit me, at which point I had to go through a journey to recover my environment. I would say I am bothered by it, though I now understand at least partially why it was necessary.