SDCC have new update version

(Hoang Duong) #1

Dear Homebrew Community,
I using brew sddc to install sdcc version 3.7.0 on Mac OS.

SDCC homepage was release version 3.8.0 on Step 27th, 2018

please update new version of sdcc in home brew response

thanks so much

(Sean Molenaar) #2

Homebrew updates are done by the community so you might as well be the one to create the update. You can learn more about this process here:

(Hoang Duong) #3

Thanks for your response.
following your link and some googling, i was update sdcc to newest version. I want contributions to brew by following this link:

but i struck with “push the local changes to the fork”. i am not family with git.

btw, i am using sdcc version 3.8.0, thanks so much

(Sean Molenaar) #4

the easiest way is just the brew bump-formula-pr command in the link I provided above. It’ll do all those steps for you. You can find out how to use it using brew bump-formula-pr --help.

(Hoang Duong) #5

from terminal i run:

$ brew bump-formula-pr --url= --sha256=b331668deb7bd832efd112052e5b0ed2313db641a922bd39280ba6d47adbbb21 sdcc

Updated 1 tap (homebrew/core).
==> Updated Formulae
cayley elasticsearch logstash pcl php@5.6 php@7.1
cockroach jbig2dec nghttp2 pdal php@7.0 swift
==> replace /https :// with "https ://downloads.sourcefo
==> replace “854d47094698b06142df3d5fc646bb540d497ab4073ad2f051b8ec2141df948e” with "b331668deb7bd832efd112052e5b0ed2313db641a922bd39280ba6d47ad

Error: GitHub You must be logged in to do that.:The GitHub credentials in the macOS keychain may be invalid.
Clear them with:
printf “protocol=https\nhost=github .com\n” | git credential-osxkeychain erase
Or create a personal access token:,public_repo&description=Homebrew
echo ‘export HOMEBREW_GITHUB_API_TOKEN=your_token_here’ >> ~/.bash_profile

I create a personal access by folllowing instruction then run brew bump-formula-pr again and output is:

$ brew bump-formula-pr --url= --sha256=b331668deb7bd832efd112052e5b0ed2313db641a922bd39280ba6d47adbbb21 sdcc

Already up-to-date.

==> replace /https:\/\/downloads\.sourceforge\.net\/project\/sdcc\/sdcc\/3\.8\.0\/sdcc\-src\-3\.8\.0\.tar\.bz2/ with "

==> replace "b331668deb7bd832efd112052e5b0ed2313db641a922bd39280ba6d47adbbb21" with "b331668deb7bd832efd112052e5b0ed2313db641a922bd39280ba6d47adbbb21"

Error: You probably need to bump this formula manually since the new version

and old version are both 3.8.0.

this mean i do it right ???

(Sean Molenaar) #6

it means you already changed the version locally. You can run these commands to reset those changes. After that you should be good to go.

git -C $(brew --repo homebrew/core) reset HEAD Formula/sdcc.rb
git -C $(brew --repo homebrew/core) checkout -- Formula/sdcc.rb
git -C $(brew --repo homebrew/core) checkout master
git -C $(brew --repo homebrew/core) reset origin/master

(Hoang Duong) #7

following your instrucstion, and rerun brew bump-formula-pr, at the end of terminal output is:

Total 192 (delta 143), reused 99 (delta 73)
remote: Resolving deltas: 100% (143/143), completed with 28 local objects.
remote: Create a pull request for ‘sdcc-3.8.0’ on GitHub by visiting:
To https ://

This message show i was finish, right ?!

(Sean Molenaar) #8

It does, all you have to do is visit the link to submit the changes to be integrated into homebrew. And then you have your very first contribution to homebrew :partying_face:

(Hoang Duong) #9

i open link above but do not understand: “submit the changes to be integrated into homebrew”

where can i click to submit??

(Sean Molenaar) #10

You should see something like this:

Where you can select your sdcc-3.8.0 “branch” in your account. And press submit at the bottom.

(Hoang Duong) #11

if i click on “view pull request” i can only click “close pull request” or “comment”

if click “compare: sdcc-3.8.0” still not find “submit button” at the bottom

i can not post two image so, the second picture still not find “submit button” :thinking:

(Hoang Duong) #12

second pic show end of web page.

(Sean Molenaar) #13

Looks like you made it:
You’ve now updated sdcc for thousands of homebrew users, great job!

(Hoang Duong) #14

Thank you for your enthusiastic support :smiley: