Scala 2.12.8 missing --with-docs option

(Netropy) #1


latest scala 2.12.8 formula seems to no longer offer --with-docs to install the API docs:
$ brew install scala --with-docs
Warning: scala: this formula has no --with-docs option so it will be ignored!

Indeed, there’s no api/scala-library/index.html under docs, where it used to be for 2.12.7:
$ ls /usr/local/Cellar/scala/2.12.8/share/doc/scala License.rtf README licenses tools

Was the --with-docs option dropped by intention?


(Franklin Yu) #2

I think so. Homebrew is dropping all the options because they are not tested.

In most Linux distributions, Scala documentation files are packaged as a separate binary package, like in Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Arch Linux. This isn’t possible for Homebrew, because one Formula can only build one bottle.

(Netropy) #3

Thanks for the information in your reply!

Two thoughts (but I’m no brew expert):

  • dropping a useful option, even if not tested, might be less helpful than keeping it and have users report/fix issues when they arise;
  • since there exist other scalaXXX formulas, it’s unclear to me what the issues are with having a scaladoc package, as in the 4 Linux distros mentioned by you.


(Franklin Yu) #4

For first thought, I’m never part of Homebrew so please express your reasoning here. For second thought, I have already explained:

This isn’t possible for Homebrew, because one Formula can only build one bottle.

I guess MacPorts is able to do this.

(Sean Molenaar) #5

it’s not about useful, it’s about user experience and actually being able to maintain homebrew as a high quality product.

As for the docs, you could always make a pull request suggesting to build them by default.

(Michel Charpentier) #6

If indeed the docs cannot be included (with or without an option) and no Scala-doc formula can be created, this is a serious limitation.