…running brew with custom umask

(gurple) #1

I use Homebrew on a shared system. My admin account applies a the restrictive umask of 0077. In order for the other users or accounts to take advantage of the utilities, libraries, and such that brew installs I must always remember to first change my umask to 0022 before interacting with the brew commands. Forgetting to make this temporary change in the shell can very much cause the other accounts troubles.

I have yet to find a clean way of defining custom environment variables that brew should use when it runs rather than fully inheriting everything from the executing user.

Is there anyway to define this? Am I missing some obvious configuration file somewhere that does exactly this? I see no references in the brew man page to umask and think it might make a lot of sense to include/accept additional environment options from the invoking user’s environment such as HOMEBREW_UMASK to ensure that installations work as expected in a multi-user environment.

Thanks for any info and suggestions.

(gurple) #2

I can’t possibly the only user of Homebrew with this sort of desire.