Ruby problem using homebrew

(-dan d.) #1


Regardless of what I request homebrew to do this error message appears, btw
I run yosemite: not the leopard mentioned:

==> Downloading
Already downloaded:
==> Pouring portable-ruby-2.3.3.leopard_64.bottle.tar.gz
Error: Failed to upgrade vendor ruby.
Error: Failed to install vendor Ruby.

Any help appreciated.


(Blaise Pabon) #2

@dan_d, try this:

  • Switch to a new shell
  • enter: unset SSL_CERT_FILE
  • then try brew doctor, brew update etc.

Somehow my environment had set certificate verification…


I got the same error then problem solved after I ran brew update.

(Gustavo Esser) #4

Problem still persists how to solve ?

(Ningl) #5

1、rm your portable-ruby-2.3.3.leopard_64.bottle.1.tar.gz
2、Reopen the terminal and download