Reset bottle section in formula

I’m forking linuxbrew-core to build a (hopefully) complete AArch64 bottle repo, but it’ll obviously be residing at a non-standard root_url.

Is there a brew subcommand to strip out all non-AArch64 bottle specs, or some other easy way to do the same? Thanks much!

There’s no need to modify the existing bottle sections. :x86_64_linux bottles won’t affect your :aarch64_linux bottles. What’s your reason to want to modify the existing bottle sections? You’ll note that the Linuxbrew-core bottle sections also include the macOS bottles.

Good point. I can’t remember the exact errors I was getting with merging, but it had something to do with that non-standard root_url. I eventually found the HOMEBREW_BOTTLE_DOMAIN env var in the docs, and abandoned the root_url idea entirely.