Reputation new formula

I’d like to add to homebrew two new formulas.
My repos are:

the first repo is a dependency of the second.

the libraries are about hICN, a 5g protocol, developed by Cisco Systems.

I want to know when it is possible to add to master homebrew as libraries.
I know that is important the reputation of the repos, but the problem is that github is only a mirror of fdio (linux foundation) repos.

Thanks for your help

You can always set the source of the formula to be the upstream linuxfoundation git repository.

If the formula doesn’t meet the reputation metric, then I recommend you create and maintain your own tap for it:

How do you calculate the reputation? is not using github, but gerrit
https : // gerrit. fd .io/r/cicn
https : // gerrit. fd .io/r/hicn

thanks for your answer

Manual inspection of the repository when it’s not on github. If it’s on github, we look at the stars/forks/watchers via our CI/audit system. On other hosting systems we try to manually look at analogous metrics if they provide them. Beyond that, time permitting, we may look at stats for the software in a different package manager or make a judgement. If the software is simple and canonical to install, looks well maintained, and the formula is un-complicated and clear and appears to be broadly useful to a large and diverse audience then it’s more likely that ambiguous cases will be added since there’s less maintenance overhead & risk than something more complicated, and greater benefit to users.