R installs on High-Sierra without tcl-tk support?

(Martin Häcker) #21

I have filed this as an issue here: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core/issues/28926 so there is a place to coordinate working on this.

(Seth Fore) #22

Installing the modified R formula referenced in the above discussion does provide tcl-tk support by leveraging the OS tcl-tk framework.

This workaround, albeit imperfect, should provide tcl-tk support if that is all you are looking for.

Speaking strictly for myself and the repo I maintain, I’d be happy to coordinate working on any issues you may have, however, I’m not exactly clear on what they are. A little clarification on what you’d like coordinate work on would be a useful first step.

(Martin Häcker) #23

Oh, the issue I’d like to collaborate on, is to get this back into Homebrew proper, as R is pretty much unusable without tcltk and the tiff, png, jpeg abilities.

(Luis Puerto) #24

You should review the threads on this topic. As far as I understood, maintainers made it clear that this isn’t going to come back since its optional and options are problematic.
Seems that long term goal is strip core formulae of all the options.

(Seth Fore) #25

All of the options you indicate are currently available from the custom tap referenced throughout the thread.

(Mike McQuaid) #26

If it can be done without adding a dependency on X11 or needing patches that haven’t been merged upstream it will likely be accepted it you create a pull request.

This is hyperbole. Looking at the analytics I suspect some of the 7,254 people who installed it in the last 30 days would disagree with you.

(Luis Puerto) #27

Well, it’s true that it is usable… but it isn’t a complete product. If you need the missing parts for your analysis, it’s probably pretty unusable.

(Jal Frezie) #28

How many of those people installed it, found that TclTk didn’t work, and went off and installed the binary distribution from CRAN instead, like me?

(Luis Puerto) #29

This is a really good question!

(Mike McQuaid) #30

This conversation is not helpful. I’ve said what’s necessary to get this formula changed (submit a PR that meets the requirements above). Locking.

(Mike McQuaid) #31