Questions regarding existence of `brew options` command

I recently noticed, that Homebrew already for some time has brew options command to “display install options specific to formula”.

However, brew options does nothing on formulas in homebrew-core, because its only working on formulas with custom options, and there are no such formulas in homebrew-core because CI can’t test them properly.

In that case I just want to question the existence of this command as ‘built-in’ one - maybe its better to describe it as developer command?

Many people use taps other than homebrew-core, so they may still have formulae with options.

If you think documentation should change, or the location of the file, we’re open to PRs, but no promises that it will get merged.

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I mean, now brew options is placed under general built-ins (and so does documentation for this command) and I think it can cause some misunderstandings for those users who have never read ‘Formula Cookbook’, since man page and brew help options doesn’t have any remarks regarding the command behaviour.

Open a PR if you like!