Python linking major to minor version in Cellar

What I do to prevent brew breaking my virtual envs is to create symlinks from major to current installed minor version. Such as 3.7 -> 3.7.5_2. Than if ever we got 3.7.6 I’d just relink the major link to the new installation folder. Could this be done automatically? That would solve so many issues and prevent people from inventing hacks such as

Moreover, what I found out is that cleanup is pretty much happy to wipe my personal symlinks if placed inside the python Cellar folder :wink: That would be fixed as well.

Make a pull request, I’d happily review it. As for cleaning stuff that homebrew didn’t manage, that’s intentional.

I’ll try, let’s say that ruby is not my native tongue.

That’s fine, it’s not mine either. But you have the best idea what you want to achieve with the pull request.