Python 2 EOL 2020

The 10.15 final release may not even have python bundled according to the beta release notes.

macOS 10.15 Beta Release Notes

But, I would think at a minimum Python 3 would be included. I’m all for dropping/updating/replacing any packages dependent upon Python 2.

Regardless of what the release notes may imply this will be my 10th macOS upgrade working on Homebrew and I guarantee you that Python 3 and 2 will ship with macOS 10.15.0.

I wouldn’t know since I don’t typically deal with the betas of the OS. But, it would be nice if they’re going to ship one or both versions that it at least come with more updated versions that aren’t 1-2+ years old. Since they were moving to a new partitioning scheme within APFS, dropping 32-bit support, app notarizations, etc., then it seemed reasonable this may occur. Especially, since these could be installed by any user who requires them and most that require them will know how to install them. I believe there was something mentioned I read somewhere along the lines of, if an app requires these, then they would need to include it in the bundle. However, I can’t recall if that was actual context or I mixed it up with other material. So, you may be correct and have more intimate knowledge about if it is. I can only go off of beta notes. Perhaps, they do but it’s more of a forewarning to them not being included in future releases after 10.15.x.

With, numpy and a few other formulae will move to Python 3 only.

I think we should focus on moving as much as possible to python 3 from the above list in the next months. We will then see what remains at the end.


More stuff is being removed or ported to Pyhton3:

The PR for the deletion of Python 2 has been opened too:

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