PuTTY for OS X -- Newbie

(Pants07) #1


I am taking a college course that requires us to download PuTTY; however, I have a MacBook and no direct install, I have found, exists. I went through Terminal and installed Homebrew but I still can’t pull up PuTTY. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!


(H Q) #2

Your macOS “Terminal” app is equivalent to PuTTY (on Windows). There are also other similar apps such as iTerm2.

I personally find the built-in “Terminal” app to be adequate for my needs.

(Joshua McKinney) #3

I’m guessing you’re going to use PuTTY to connect to a remote host over ssh.

While the above answer is kind of correct, the answer is a little more nuanced. A terminal app gives you a window full of text where you type commands (a shell). The SSH command allows you to connect to a remote server. Your mac comes with a version of SSH built in which you can access by typing ssh at a terminal (I prefer iTerm2 over Terminal.app, which you can install via homebrew. It’s not necessary though). You can also install the latest version via homebrew (brew install openssh).

What’s going to differ is that you’re no longer going to use a GUI to configure the connections to the remote host. Where others configure a bunch of options, you’re going to run command line options. Type man ssh at the terminal (press q to quit) and take a look at some of the options you have. Investigate the ~/.ssh/config file and the equivalent options it will bring compared to what PuTTY offers.

This forum is probably not the right place to ask questions about those programs, though. Installing them, yes; running them, no.