.pth and pip installing a resource

TLDR: Do I need to create a .pth within python libraries in order for brew to install them correctly?

When I install my formula from my tap that includes:

resource "gameCrafterClient" do
    url "https://files.pythonhosted.org/.../gameCrafterClient-1.0.4.tar.gz"
    sha256 "..."

The installation throws no error but the python library does not show up in pip3/pip freeze. When I run the installed formula’s application i get ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'gameCrafterClient'. Even when I manually pip install it, and it shows up in pip freeze, I still get module not found. Does this have to do with venv = virtualenv_create(libexec, "python3") being installed somewhere virtually?

Python libraries made by other developers work, but my own gameCrafterClient library does not. Do I need to add a .pth file to get brew to install it correctly? I’m going off of:

Libraries may be installed to  `libexec`  and added to  `sys.path`  by writing a  `.pth`  file (named like 
"homebrew-foo.pth") to the  `prefix`  site-packages. This simplifies the ensuing drama if  `pip`  is 
accidentally used to upgrade a Homebrew-installed package and prevents the accumulation of stale 
.pyc files in Homebrew's site-packages.

Though what goes in this .pth files is not specified. Does anyone have an example? I’ve looked through github for examples.

Here is the formula I’m trying to install. There is alot of work going on around supporting Pillow.

It’s pointing at the gameCrafterClient library project which has a pth file.

Not as far as I know. venv = virtualenv_create(libexec, "python3") will indeed install dependencies only in the install root to avoid conflicts with the system.