Problems with audacious


I’ve installed audacious with ‘brew install audacious’ and noticed three problems running it:

  1. The user interface is in french. How can I change it to english?

  2. There is no app icon. The dock shows a ‘blank page’ icon instead of the stylised ‘a’.

  3. When I close the app (either by clicking the red dot or with CMD-Q) the console (from where I started audacious simply be entering ‘audacious’) shows a segmentation vault.

The first issue, arguably the most silly one, is the most pressing for me right now.

(Eduard Rozenberg) #2

I don’t see any way to change language in the UI. The app uses config file ~/.config/audacious/config but a quick search didn’t turn up any info on setting language in there.

Is your system language set to French? I’m guessing no.

Check if you have any env vars set to French for some reason, for ex:

export | grep LANG
export | grep -i fr

Audacious is quite a “Linuxy” app, so not super surprising it works on the Mac with a bit of difficulty and throws a few tantrums. Fixing the icon issue in particular may not be easy - Audacious uses qt or gtk (Linux UI toolkits). You could try switching the toolkit it uses (i.e. if it uses qt, try installing it to use gtk, and vice versa - check brew build options). Or you could try assigning the app an icon manually, though this may not work (because of the qt/gtk toolkits used). Generally I avoid Linux GUI apps since they’re not Mac-like, but some apps are tempting at times for sure.


My audacious config file is pretty much empty; there is no language setting. And no, my system language is not french :slight_smile:

Both the export greps returned nothing.

I’m not very much focused on audacious, I just wanted to give it a try. If anybody has a suggestion for a different music player, I’d be happy to hear it. I want it to play lots of different audio formats, ogg among them, and I want it to respect my folder structure, instead of sorting my music based on mp3 tags.

(Eduard Rozenberg) #4

Unfortunately iTunes killed most of the music player/manager options many years ago.

Some options - the video players do play audio also:

brew cask install vox

brew cask install iina (newer beta available on github)

brew cask install elmedia-player

brew cask install vlc

A list of some others -


Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll give those a try.

(Jacob Ledbetter) #6

There is also quicktime player which is included with mac that works

(Eduard Rozenberg) #7

Unfortunately Quicktime Player does not play .ogg or some other less common music file formats. To test,

(Jacob Ledbetter) #8

True, i recommend vlc in that case