Problem installing on new high sierra system

(Haxblade) #1

clean install of high sierra and Xcode: 9.2 (13772), and the homebrew installer doesn’t seem to be able to sort out the command line tools thing. for one, it seems to be looking for the tools in /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools, but the new xcode has them in

$ xcode-select -p

i wouldn’t be surprised if other things have been moved as well. any simple way to go forward?

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(Haxblade) #2

had to download the command line tools separately from (apple ID required) and install them before homebrew would be happy.

it would be nice to remove this friction.


Gotta let you know thanks for your share, this fixed my problem.

(Eduard Rozenberg) #4

You can de-frictionate (de-frictionize?) the process:
xcode-select --install