Problem during update ruby (libgmp.10.dylib not loaded)

I’ve faced with problem during update ruby today.

[pkropach@Pavels-MBP:~]$ brew reinstall ruby
==> Reinstalling ruby
==> Downloading
Already downloaded: /Users/pkropach/Library/Caches/Homebrew/downloads/603099f250635364b267b4832839be526e9fc6985291e39436eefc4587bc63c8--ruby-2.6.4_1.mojave.bottle.tar.gz
==> Pouring ruby-2.6.4_1.mojave.bottle.tar.gz
dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/gmp/lib/libgmp.10.dylib
  Referenced from: /usr/local/Cellar/ruby/2.6.4_1/bin/ruby
  Reason: image not found
Warning: The post-install step did not complete successfully
You can try again using `brew postinstall ruby`

So, now gmp should be installed?

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