Preliminary support for ppc64le platform

Hi team and community

I would like to share with you my set of patches to add ppc64le support for homebrew. Be able to run homebrew on linux ppc64le is definitely a big win for the small PPC community.

I want to demo that it is quite trivial to get brew running on ppc64le. You can find more details on my work at

TL;DR my work provides:

  • A bottled Ruby 2.6.3 ppc64le
  • Addressed some issues with brew CLI and related packages that are needed to successfully build and bottle portable-ruby binary

If you have any feedback, please leave me comment.


Nice work.
We discussed this internally between some maintainers. This is not a configuration we want to support right now. You are the first one asking for PPC support in a long time.

The way you can get this added to Homebrew though, is to fork the whole project and make the needed modifications there. If you gain enough traction and are able to build a community around this, with a few maintainers and around 2000 packages bottled, we will reconsider your change and merge everything back to Homebrew.

We are a little bit understaffed and have many big changes in our roadmap for the next months so that we can’t commit to maintain this.

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