Prebuilt bottle dependencies

(Daniel R Grayson) #1

I have discovered that the precompiled package camlp5 is older than the precompiled package ocaml and should be recompiled. Whom do I inform?

(Sean Molenaar) #2

you could make a pull request for or if you’re not in a position to do that you should file a bug report.

(Daniel R Grayson) #3

I looked at the recipe in the repository, and it correctly lists ocaml as a dependency. So maybe it’s not a bug in homebrew-core, but a problem with management of the builds. If the management of the builds is handled somewhere else, that other place should get the bug report.

(Sean Molenaar) #4

I’m not sure what the issue is that you’re having. All prebuilt bottles are made using the definition in the formulas/recipes.

(Daniel R Grayson) #5

Right, but what software determines when to rebuild the prebuilt bottles by examining the formulas? It could be that software that is faulty.

(Sean Molenaar) #6

It’s hard to tell what’s at fault if I don’t know what the fault is. If the problem is incompatible versions of software in the pre-built binaries, that would be a human error when updating a formula version. If it’s a missing dependency that’s also human error but in the creation of the formula.
TL;dr I can’t help you without knowing the problem.

(Daniel R Grayson) #7

The fault is that the pre-built bottle for camlp5 is older than the pre-built bottle for ocaml, which it depends on.

(Sean Molenaar) #8

being older shouldn’t cause any issues. Do you mean it’s using apis that are no longer available?

(Mike McQuaid) #9

@DanGrayson We only rebuild bottles for dependents if they have problems (linkage or test failures) that are fixed by rebuilding. Can you elaborate on what the actual problem you’re experiencing is?

(Daniel R Grayson) #10

Gladly. The ocaml package contains a compiler for the ocaml language. The camlp5 package contains code for a library written in that language. Compiling other programs that refer to the library produces an error message from the ocaml compiler complaining that the compiled files in the camlp5 library are for an older version of the compiler.


(Mike McQuaid) #11

This is the test for camp5 that passes without being rebuilt against the new version of ocaml.

Could you try to submit a pull request that improves this test so it produces a failure in the case you’ve mentioned? This will ensure that it is always rebuilt from source when necessary on future ocaml upgrades.

(Daniel R Grayson) #12

Thanks, I’ll try!

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(Daniel R Grayson) #13

The pull request is here: