Postgresql / postgis versionitis


Brew just updated postgresql from 12.x to 13.0. But the spatial extensions – a library called postgis that makes geographic queries possible–are not yet available. In other words, typing brew install postgis installs a version (3.0.0) that only works with postgres 12. Does anyone know of a hack / repo that would allow installing a working version postgresql + postgis ?

This is the message as of now if you just use brew install postgres; brew install postgis (and then try to get the extensions working)

ERROR:  PostGIS built for PostgreSQL 12.0 cannot be loaded in PostgreSQL 13.0
CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function inline_code_block line 15 at RAISE

See a not very useful version chart here: <- the explanation says postgis 3.0.0 “does or doesn’t [support postgres 13] but may change at release time”.

Also note that claims to be distributing PostgreSQL 13.0 + PostGIS 3.1.0alpha2:


That was just fixed, so no hack should be needed, just brew update; brew upgrade: