Possible to somehow subscribe to breaking package changes?

(Carter Sande) #1

I maintain a couple of Homebrew taps (cartr/qt4 and cp4k/hello-world-2), and they tend to break when homebrew/core makes changes to certain formulae. For example, I needed to update my taps as a result of the python -> python@2 name change, and more recently I needed to push another fix after yesterday’s PEP 394 update. I don’t use Homebrew on my personal machine, so the first time I hear about these changes is often when one of my users reports that my tap isn’t working for them.

(And even when I did use Homebrew, I occasionally ran into situations where package behavior had only been changed for a particular macOS release, or when an issue only appeared under certain install/update/macOS upgrade sequences but not others, or when brew install would appear to work but the resulting binary would crash at runtime.)

Is there some kind of mailing list/RSS feed/GitHub notification I could subscribe to so I can stay up to date on changes to python, python@2, sip, and a few other packages that my projects depend on?

(Mike McQuaid) #2

The python -> python@2 change was announced in advance on the Homebrew blog: https://brew.sh/2018/01/19/homebrew-1.5.0/. You can be notified of these things in advance by subscribing to that via RSS. There’s also Homebrew’s Twitter which I believe it’s possible to subscribe to via RSS: https://twitter.com/MacHomebrew