PHP@7.1 PEAR include_path

(Chris O'Meara) #1

Hello homebrewers. I’m a long-time user but I’ve never contributed to Homebrew and have a quick question.

I’ve been adjusting a dev environment to the new PHP packages in Homebrew. So far so good EXCEPT…

When I install php@7.1 it doesn’t look like the PEAR lib path is included in the PHP include_path by default. Am I missing something? It seems like the package intent is to provide a working PHP 7.1 + PEAR integration.

Adding /usr/local/share/pear@7.1 to the include_path makes my PEAR libs load as expected.

I’m decent in Ruby and can put together a PR but I might need a pointer to get me started if this is a bug that should be fixed in the formula.

(Sean Molenaar) #2

This is because php@7.1 isnt linked by default afaik. Linking it probably fixes this.