Password when installing homebrew?

(Mountary) #1

I am a novice and trying to install homebrew as directed through the terminal but I am faced with a password, I have no idea what the password is, any suggestions?

(Armando Gonzalez) #2

This is a standard thing with UNIX-based systems. What’s going on here is that homebrew requires administrative access to your machine in order to install properly. So what happens is, it requests those permissions with sudo. Basically, it wants your user account’s password to check if you have permissions to request those permissions in something called a sudoers file. The same thing happens when you see the pop up when you want to make certain changes on your machine.

TL;DR: Homebrew needs administrative access, you need to put in your computer’s password so the computer can approve the request.

(Mountary) #3

Thanks so much! A very helpful tip for a novice!


hi, sorry, ive got to this problem, except when it asks me for the password, i cannot type in terminal. the only key i can push is the enter button, which inputs an incorrect password. any suggestions much appreciated


all sorted, dont worry.


How did you sort that? I’m having the same issue and cannot type into Terminal to enter my login password…


The password isn’t printed back to you in the terminal as a privacy feature. Just type your computer password in (you won’t see it), and press enter.

(Moss The Te Xie) #8

Well, I did

/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

(from the web site) and immediately got

This script requires the user XXXX to be an Administrator.

I won’t make this user an admin. So … should I install from the admin account or via sudo?

(Loganmichael01) #9

you may need to download xcode and agree to the terms and services; if anyone has trouble in the future.

(Sharponly) #10

How do I get the password ? Whom shall I write to to get it ? Thanks !

(Sean Molenaar) #11